Dear AUA Member,

Greetings from the Johannesburg City Coucil, South Africa

The City of Johannesburg in South Africa is establishing a regional knowledge exchange platform on public spaces in order to learn from and share experiences with other African cities, universities and civil society organisations. We have partnered with the Journal of Public Space and we are sharing with you the Call for Papers below. It is dedicated to African public spaces and will contribute towards setting up the knowledge exchange platform called the Centre on African Public Spaces (CAPS). As a Pan-African urban lab for public space, the Centre will be a home and resource to a community of urban practitioners and thinkers, students, scholars and civil society activists dedicated to connect, exchange experiences, advance knowledge, share resources, grow expertise and mobilize on a wide range of relevant local, regional and global issues. 

Please could we request that you share the Call widely within various universities in Angola and other African universities that you collaborate with (both lecturers and students) and with relevant networks including city practitioners. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

There is also a ten minute discussion/survey, it would be great to hear your views.

Join the discussion


The Centre on African Public Spaces as a collaborative forum for practitioners, academia, civil society, researchers, empowered and active communities is hoping to advance the recognition of forms of knowledge generation and sharing outside of only academic papers.

Most academic papers in journals usually have very small readership, and that part of the Centre’s agenda is to widen that and connect people, sectors and institutions.

This is important as the Centre will work with actors representing the global majority whose voices have not been heard in the academic hierarchy.


However, we acknowledge the importance of accredited research outputs for full-time academics and the Journal is pursuing academic accreditation through Scopus.

To offset this in the meantime, we have also allowed for submission of shorter pieces as well as creative writing and experimental pieces vis-à-vis conventional journal articles, and depending on the university these may still fall within the ambit of ‘creative outputs’ accreditation within some universities. 

All submission are welcomed even in Portuguese or French and will contribute towards the Centre and the global movement. We look forward to receiving it. We are working on the online platform and we hope to reach out soon with updates and events for the year.