As part of efforts to improve the quality of Architects in Ghana. The Ghana institute of architect introduces the continuous professional development program with point system that enables members earn marks based activities undertaken to form a basis for re certification as a member in good standing

The 2019 re-certification year has been earmarked as a pilot period. Earn a minimum of 15 points by undertaking any of the activities under the various categories with its corresponding points to be earned stated hereafter. Activities to be undertaken fall under two main groupings. Formal and informal.

Why Continuous Professional Development ?


Growing & Progressing

Competitive and Employable

Increase our Potential

2020 Requirements

Get a minimum of 15 points + a subscription fee  = 2020 RE-CERTIFICATION




Activities such as Structured Courses with clear learning aims and outcomes given by a teacher, speaker or tutor. Terminated by assessment activity.


Activities such as Structured Courses with clear learning aims and outcomes given by a teacher, speaker or tutor. Terminated by assessment activity.




  • Training courses.
  • Seminars, special interest groups, regional group events.
  • Undertaking e-learning courses, making presentations, or presenting at conferences.
  • Writing articles.
  • Workshops


Personal Study reading relevant publications, news articles, podcasts, trade magazines, case studies and industry updates.

Attendance at ; talks, presentation, design workshop etc.

Structured visit and tours.
Monitoring programs and school presentation
Writing for Professional journals

Volunteering for architecture related activities




  • Archie-center
  • Accredited courses at University
  • Other registered training organisations



  • Anywhere

7 Categories


In order to facilitate simplicity in earning points these two groupings have been further broken down into 7 categories.

Four of which are fully activated for the 2019 pilot period , two partially activated and the last one will be activated in 2020

Details of Categories

Earn a total of 5 points by taking the GIA CPD quizzes based on structured seminars. Minimum 80% score - 4 Points Attendance - 1 point
Earn up to 5 points by undertaking or teaching courses related to Architecture. Transcript or score report is required for confirmation.
When reading articles or books, watching architecture related videos, having Formal discussions with colleagues or clients, or even getting coached earn points for participating in any of these activities with specified purpose and used knowledgeable resources.Free Listening to claim a CPD to listen to several free online episodes.Touring Undertake an architectural related tour.Claim maximum 4 CPD points for time spent on this as “self study” or “free listening”. 0.5 point per episode of listening
Author or coauthor articles, books or newsletters, create and present a webinar, seminar, podcast or an Architecture course.Every hour spent in preparing and delivering these activities is equal to 1 CPD CPD points claimed in this category count toward the maximum point of 4
Earn up to 2 points by Volunteering for A GIA organized event Elected officer Committee member ( work stream, ethics, disciplinary etc.)
Attend a minimum of 3 GIA events a year for 3 points.( masters & lecture series , tours etc) Earn points for each day at GIA AGM

More Info

As you earn points for any activities held throughout the 2019 year kindly note that structured seminars featuring a wide range of experts commence April 2019