This is to welcome you to the Ghana Institute of Architects Website. A key objective of this website is to provide a platform that will provide information on the invaluable services that are available to the general public and corporate bodies. The GIA platform, which will be updated regularly, will also solicit contributions from architects and colleagues from the allied professions. It is our hope that it will be a useful tool in the promotion of the architectural practice.

I am honored to have the privilege of serving as the President of Ghana Institute of Architects for the two-year term from 2018-2020 in a line of illustrious personalities who have served before me. I am indeed also privileged to serve at a crucial period in the history of the our institute; at a time aptly called the ‘ARCHITECTS AWAKE’ era, a period in which we experience a renewed and re-energized sense of pride in our profession.


The Council shall be responsible for the administration and management of the affairs of the Institute and shall be responsible for the carrying out the provisions of the Constitution of the objects.

GIA CPD Programme

As part of efforts to improve the quality of Architects in Ghana. The Ghana institute of architect introduces the continuous professional development program with point system that enables members earn marks based activities undertaken to form a basis for recertification as a member in good standing

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Our Featured Project – THE SU TOWER

The SU Tower is a game–changer for corporate workspace in Accra. A grade “A” office offering with an appreciable appeal of retail: placing your business at the center of it all.


Ghana Institute of Architects Threatens to Sue Gov’t

Tattoos have become a mainstream symbol of art and is no longer a stamp of rebellion or subculture.

Gov’t given until July ending to reconstitute A.R.C Board

The Ghana Institute of Architects is giving the government until the end of July to reconstitute the

Architects question fairness in parliamentary chamber contract

The Ghana Institute of Architects has faulted the government for the “irregular” issues surround